It’s a well known fact that most people retire on less income than they would like or expect. With retirement planning it is vitally important to obtain the right advice as early as possible. If you are approaching retirement, you may be considering your options and how best to tackle the complex ways to invest for your retirement. Irrespective of your employment status, or existing arrangements, we can provide comprehensive independent financial advice on your retirement planning.

From April 2015, the new pension freedoms allow people aged 55+ to access their 'Defined Contribution' or 'Money Purchase' pension fund as they wish. Money purchase pensions include most personal pensions and stakeholder pensions, including those arranged through your employer, where the pension you receive is related to the contributions you make. They do not include 'Defined Benefit' pensions, where the pension you receive is determined by your salary and length of service.

The biggest change is to allow people ages 55+ to withdraw the whole of their pension fund as one lump sum.

The new rules will not only bring new freedoms and choice to use your pension fund as you wish, but also the need for careful planning to ensure that you have sufficient income for the whole of your retirement.


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Personal Schemes
Individual pension schemes to provide income in retirement.

Group Schemes
Tax efficient savings for company pension schemes and increased employee benefits.

Unsecured Pensions
Retirement planning where lifetime commitment to income is not yet required.

Self Invested Schemes Investment into your own business as an alternative for retirement planning.

Income purchase on retirement

Low cost and charged personal retirement schemes that meet the Government CAT standards.